Nami Shah

Cybersecurity Consultant

Background in development. Experience in security.
Ambition to learn and looking for growth.

  • Hands-on experience in leading and conducting security assessments for both small businesses and large corporations;
  • Proficient in front and back-end coding languages, such as Python, React.JS, TypeScript, Swift, Java, and more;
  • In-depth understanding of application and infrastructure penetration testing methodologies, relevant tooling and techniques.
  • Making headway in cloud security, mobile pentesting, configuration reviews and purple teaming.

MWR InfoSecurity

Mar. 2019 • current

Security Consultant

Led and conducted various security assessments on infrastructure, web and mobile applications. Shaped and supported the development of a brand new service around open-source intelligence. Developed and refined various tools and scripts to automate the process of external asset mapping and footprinting. Contributed to open-source tooling to support the development of internal services. Performed both automated and manual vulnerability analysis. Actively helped manage, estimate and scope out projects. Assisted in the organisation and management of the internship programme.

App Maven

Jul. 2019 • current

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Developed web and mobile applications for startup companies in React (Native) and Swift. Manage finances, legal and client relationships. Advise clients the appropriate technologies in order to improve their performance and create lasting value across their business. Actively persuing new opportunities to increase transactional work.

The Security Factory

May 2017 • Aug. 2017

Penetration Tester

Assigned to a large Belgian corporation. Worked with the security team and reported directly to the CISO. Expanded my technical capabilities in penetration testing, relevant tooling, techniques and methodologies. Performed both automated and manual security assessments. Developed various Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks and security checks.


Oct. 2016 • May 2017

Security Implementation Services Associate

Undertook this role after graduation, where I gained an understanding of the various business aspects that come with security. Supported the security team in consolidating bills of materials and hardware procurement for vast infrastructures. Documented and reviewed Nagios configurations and contributed to presentations, clarifying business roadmaps.


Feb. 2016 • May 2016

Penetration Tester (Intern)

Refined my technical and soft skills during a semester internship at the cyber fusion centre in Prague.Shadowed security assessments and supported in awareness campaigns for various fortune 500 companies. Organised a CTF and developed challenges for local universities.


University of Warwick

Sept. 2017 • Sept. 2018

MSc. Cybersecurity and Management (Distinction)

Applied for the GCHQ certified postgraduate course in cybersecurity and management at the University of Warwick. The course was primarily focused on self-development. Studied various modules such as cryptosystems and data protection, digital forensics, cyber intelligence and operations, security architecture and network defence. Developed a real-time machine learning model for ransomware detection as part of my dissertation.

University College Howest

Sept. 2013 • Jun. 2016

BSc. Applied Computer Science, Cybercrime (First Class)

Enrolled in the Computer and Cybercrime Professional program at University College Howest in Bruges, Belgium. Studied the essentials of information security policies, network hardening and security standards in web applications. Reverse-engineered malicious binaries for analysis and forensics. Expanded my interest in cryptography, access control and social engineering.

Certifications and Courses
  • CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT)
  • CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA)
  • Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK)
  • CyberArk Privileged Account Security Fundamentals
  • CCNA Security